Digital Biomarkers

“Digital biomarkers are consumer-generated physiological and behavioral measures collected through connected digital tools” (1).
Digital biomarkers uses data collected by the consumers that tracks fitness levels, step count, provides sleep analysis, blood pressure, pocket EKG and sociability. This data is then connected to a digital tool, like a smart phone via app, that can be reviewed by health care professionals and or to the user (3).

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Meet Our New Team

We are excited to announce we have four new members to our team! HumanITcare is proud to say we are a diverse company with people from all over the globe. In an era where men dominate the tech industry, our company is majority women and from different parts of the world. Holly MacVaugh is a […]

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Food is Fuel for Your Brain

Your brain is like a car, it needs fuel to power your brain to do every day actions like your breathing, thinking and sensing. Because of this, what you eat directly affects your brain and your mood. Just like a fancy car that functions on premium fuel; you need to put the right, and correct, type of fuel into your brain. If you fuel your brain with low quality (low-premium fuel) your brain may be damaged, and you will start to notice that you aren’t running as smoothly as you’re used to

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HumanITcare is Selected to Participate in the FuturiZe Conference

HumanITcare is selected to share their studies on Tuesday – Friday, June 11th to June 15th in the field of digitalisation and how it shapes the future of people who struggle with diseases.

HumanITcare is representing the field of digitalisation because it is an Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) telemedicine platform that provides mental health professionals and patients an objective tool to monitor the course of diseases based on behavioral indicators of risk of relapse, real-time medical support for patients, and on-going self-management of disease.

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Sleep and Mental Health

Sleep is a necessity that all humans need to function properly. The recommendation for sleep is 7 hours a night. Without this, your body can experience negative side effects such as: mood changes, memory issue, high blood pressure, weight gain, lack of concentration, mood swings…

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