HumanITcare Is Selected for the EIT Health Bridgehead 2019.

We are fortunate enough to announce that we have been selected to be a part of the EIT Health Bridgehead program! This program will benefit us in a variety of ways, and we could not be more thankful to EIT Health. The Bridgehead program will help us to grow as a company internationally as we seek to expand to new markets throughout Europe.

The selection process for this program is quite meticulous and competitive. It is very important that the start-ups and companies applying for the grant meet a number of criteria such as management capability and a demonstrated market opportunity. Furthermore, it is important that the company demonstrates a desire to tackle EIT Health’s main societal issues of promoting healthy living, supporting active ageing and improving healthcare.

As aforementioned, the Bridgehead program will facilitate entry into new markets that are outside of our country of origin (Spain). The selected companies are matched with different CATalyzers (incubators, accelerators and clusters) that have experience in building and advancing inventive healthcare and tech companies. It is through this relationship, as well as the grant given from EIT Health, that the selected start-ups are able to learn, grow, and ultimately expand to new markets.

We cannot thank EIT Health enough for this opportunity and we look forward to sharing our product and ideas with new markets across Europe. The matchmaking process will start at the end of April followed by an extended visit in October to the new country that we have decided to join. This opportunity will allow us to create new relationships and bridge connections across Europe. We could not be more excited!

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